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Established in 1902 in the heart of Germany, our factory began manufacturing brushes for the art industry. Upon introduction to the United States, we saw the need for high quality nailbrushes. Therefore, in 1997 we established the company European Nail Brushes. Together with the help from established leaders in the nail industry our goal was to create a real Kolinsky nailbrush, 100% handmade with the highest standards. This brush would take the art of nail sculpting to a new level. It would be a brush created specifically for use in the nail industry, and would go away from the art brushes that were being used at that time.
The response to these brushes was outstanding and so the Master Kolinsky Nailbrush was born. Today our company continues to research and expand the Master Kolinsky Nailbrush line. We look forward to bringing you more of the latest in high quality nail products.

Brushes made of Kolinsky hair are widely known to be the finest available, offering spectacular artificial nail-fashioning results

A Kolinsky is a member of the Siberian weasel family with tail hairs which are perfect for brushes for professional nail sculpting.

Skilled craftspeople hand-make exquisite brushes according to a long cherished tradition, a hand craft kept alive today by continual schooling onsite.



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